On September 29th in Italy, San Michele Arcangelo is celebrated. On the same day the Maestro

Claudio Maurelli was born in Civitavecchia (Rome), from the age of 16 he practiced Chinese martial arts and eskrima, first with a minor and commercial federation at the time.

Therefore, during the course of his studies, he finally meet a representative of the traditional culture and eskrima in the person of Alberto Dacayana “Dax” Sr, custodian and descendant of the heritage of San Miguel school legacy of the San Carlos Seminary, in Cebu City, in the Philippines. He therefore decides to follow his teacher on a path that lasts eight years, also living with his mentor, until in 2012 he was appointed Eskrimador of San Miguel, just by Maestro Dacayana, head of the club at the time. Today we have the pleasure to interview him

INT: What do you think about eskrima in Italy?

Claudio: Thank you for the invitation above all and thanks to Val Mijailovic who allowed this interview. My heartfelt congratulations because you are fighting a lot for martial arts in the

world. Well let’s say Italy slowly begins to wake up the point of view of the Filipino martial arts. Many are the improvised still today and a few traditionalists that I know personally and that are part of a beautiful project, that if you allow me a few bars, I’d like to talk about it.

INT: Of course, but now take away a curiosity, what does it mean to have a 5000 Euro size on the head?

Claudio: Thanks for the question. Actually, that was one of the challenges I launched in my country. It all began during the organization of one of my seminars in san miguel eskrima, which at the time (2014) I decided to hold in a city in the Liguria region.

At that time the eskrima was taboo in Italy and for cultural custom, what is not known is disputed or derided. Well, I sent one of my students to extend my invitation to all those who were really interested, to participate in an internship held by me in the city and as a response my student was mocked, and the various local teachers told him not to introduce me, or they would show me how to disarm a stick in 5 seconds. It was at that precise moment, as soon as my student told me of what had happened, that I understood the need to make my nation understand the importance of the weapons and the respect they deserved. I decided to have it published in national newspapers that I offered 5,000 euros to anyone who managed to take the stick out of my hands, anyone. The challenge in question was deserted, as a challenger, although the gym where I held the stage was packed with spectators ready to see the blood. From that moment on I became famous for having every day the 5000 euro size to whoever manages to take the stick from my hands.

Until today, no one has ever managed to disarm me and take home the prize.

INT: Compliments. Can you talk about your eskrima san miguel?

Claudio: Thank you. Nowadays there has been a lot of confusion on San Miguel Eskrima, many stories, many origins, but in the end a single denominator; HOW MUCH IT IS EFFECTIVE.

This is why our club SAN MIGUEL ESKRIMADORS organizes seminars all over the world free of charge, based on the serenity of demonstrating the effectiveness of our style linked to the priests of San Carlos and Talaga. The Masters who gave life to this style composed of three systems were Filemon Momoy Canete and Father Miguel Ortega: the first style of the three is called X system san miguel (used in the clubs of Cebu City by many masters and taught by Filemon Momoy Canete), The Way of San Miguel Eskrima (Teached by Master Momoy Canete in the San Carlos Seminary) and San Miguel eskrima Dubli x (taught by Founder Father Miguel Ortega in the Talaga seminar). Each of the three systems prefers different distances and makes this style adaptable to the needs of our times.

INT: I see. How is the growth of the San Miguel Eskrima practiced by you?

Claudio: I state that it is not easy to understand the effectiveness of a style, just talking about it. Today we have different means of communication that can lead us in the diffusion, the same videos that we post on social networks (facebook: claudio maurelli) make us understand more than any other written or spoken word and therefore it is our best period for the diffusion of art . In addition to this I am making three books for teaching all the techniques that were taught to the priests of Talaga and San Carlos, which will soon be released with more than 2000 illustrative photos, and in which they pour every technique of the 34 methods of combat provided in the san miguel eskrima club (info – facebook: claudio maurelli) and the first of 4 dvd titles entitled The Way of San Miguel, eskrima Dubli X, available on The road of promotion today is infinite and is helping art in growth and diffusion.

INT: Good. Can you tell us about the initiative you mentioned earlier in our initial chat?

Claudio: Thank you. About two months ago, based on the great confusion created by the many FMA federations in the world, I decided to create a group called INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD. All the Masters and Grand Masters present in this group are people with their own federation and club, but who wish to promote themselves in the world of the FMA, by passing linguistic and logistical barriers, addressing me and GM Darren Tibon, my great friend and heir of a great school of the Serrada Escrima, founded by GM Angel Cabales, the Angel’s Disciples.

It is an honor for me to be able to represent today the largest group of Masters and Eskrimadors in history, today we are at 115 Masters from all over the world, who support us and follow us in our initiatives to help and support them. It would be an honor for me to be able to promote these Masters and their history here on your magazine in the future.

INT: Great. And tell us, what are your next steps?

Claudio: I am setting up distance teaching systems and at the same time, being able to help the Masters, though very good, less well known because they are crushed by the media power of great martial federations that have great economic potential. To do this, I created a series of DVD International Brotherhood, which began a few days ago, with the first 30 Masters talking about DISARM IN THE FMA. Never in one DVD so many Masters have taught a single message or topic. This is the strength of the Brotherhood I have achieved.

Another great initiative will soon be the live events / seminars all over the world starting from Italy, Rome on September 29th 2018, where the first EUROPEAN LEGACY will be founded with the help of GM Darren Tibon, with 10 Masters coming from Italy, Morocco, Germany and Turkey who will give a lesson to all those who want to participate in the event. This event will be followed by other LEGACY in TURKEY, GERMANY AND MOROCCO, and in the next year 2019 the first ASIAN LEGACY will be held in May, on the island of Puerto Galera (Philippines).

Event not to be missed with over 12 Great Filipino Masters and a Westerner who will teach San Miguel Eskrima !

INT: Well what can we say congratulations! We also know that you still go to the Philippine islands to compare yourself with other masters is not so?

Claudio: Yes, every year I go to my Master Dax’s house in Mambalin, Cebu City district, and the Master brings me to know new eskrimadors with which to make sparring (palakaw) and to test our real abilities. I can say that these were very special moments.The last time I could test the skills of one of the Master’s children and it was fun to understand the real differences in learning that took place at really different times, between me and the children of my Master. But the comparison to Cebu is still constructive.

INT: Very well. Upcoming appointments Master?

Claudio: Well, as far as INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD is concerned, I’m making the second DVD of the Distance Teaching series, linked to FOOTWORK in the Ekrima, Kali Arnis, after which we go to Rome for the EUROPEAN LEGACY and many other upcoming novices.

 This will be a great year and anyone who wants to undertake the teaching of our traditional style (since 1959 remained intact) can contact me on fb or on my email: